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Beyonce may have once famously said that she didn’t understand how anyone could spend Hermes-level prices on a handbag, but it seems as though she’s had a change of heart. When you have literally zillions of dollars at your disposal and have designers sending you boxes of freebies every day, an Hermes Birkin might be one of the last things that you can actually treat yourself to without a PR person falling all over herself trying to give it to you for free. (Hermes, after all, does not gift. Not to celebrities, not to anyone.)

And not only has Bey bought herself a Birkin, but she’s gone whole-hog: what you see here, ladies and gentlemen, is crocodile. Beyonce might have been uncomfortable dropping $10,000 on a handbag at some point in the past, but it would see as though she’s rocketed well past that figure, as far as spending comfort goes. What an over-achiever.